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IT Infrastructure Management
Event Log Manager The Event Log Manager provides for the collection, analysis and archiving of system logs.
Information Lifecyle
The Information Lifecycle Manager manages digital assets over their lifespan ensuring accessibility, searchability and reliability.
IT Asset Manager The IT Asset Manager manages hardware and software IT assets to provide optimal utilization of IT resources, compliance with licensing requirements and maintenance scheduling.

Information Systems Security
PasswordVault The PasswordVault manages identity information (passwords, passphrases, etc.) and credentials used for accessing IT resources.
Security Analyzer The Security Analyzer uses data mining technology to identify IT security events.

Public Transportation Management and Reporting Systems
Stop Inventory The Stop Inventory Management Program provides for the efficient management, analysis and visualization of transit stop information.
Ridership Analyzer The Ridership Analyzer is a system for the manual or automated collection of ridership information which offers extensive analysis and reporting capabilites.

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